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Monthly Archives: April 2010

This beautiful little girl was such a doll…and looked like one too! Nora totally reminded me of dolls I had as a kid! …and yes I did want to take her home! Her personality was so sweet and so sleepy! There was one sweet story that her mommy told me about one particular outfit she had brought….”my grandma made me this beautiful outfit to bring our children home from the hospital. At the time I was just out of high school!! I said to her…Grandma I’m not even married!” Her grandma replied, “I know, but my time may be short and making this for my great-grandchildren is important to me. Quilting is a part of me!” The time came for them to bring home their children home from the hospital and even though their great-grandma had passed many years prior she was still with them through memories with this outfit. I’m sure she would be pleased at the adorable images we captured of Nora her creation! Nora seemed to like the outfit as she was comfy enough to sleep right through the whole thing! 😉

We recently had a really fun opportunity to photograph the seniors of the Penfield High School lacrosse teams! I was extremely excited about this shoot going into it, but I had NO idea what was in store! Into our studio walk car loads of LAX players with all their gear…the studio didn’t seem as big to us anymore! The goal for this shoot was to get a really unique team shot for their school magazine. The master mind behind this was Clay Girauard, a very talented graphic designer, who art directed and helped to create this awesome team poster. The poster is in the lacrosse team program which Clay also designed! The short story is that the shoot was full of laughs and we even came up with “photograph Fridays” where they want to come back every Friday for pictures! Fun idea but not sure how that would exactly work out! Strike a pose! HAHAHA! 

To the Penfield LAX team: You guys were hilarious!! I honestly didn’t stop laughing the entire time!! …a great group which made me really excited to jump into this year’s senior picture season!! We wish you the absolute best of luck in this season!! 




Awwww….my little brother is all grown up! Even though these aren’t YET engagement pictures it was so fun to get out and take some “couple” pictures of him and his beautiful girlfriend Amanda. We wanted to do something a little different so we came up with this fun vintage look…which they pulled off perfectly!! Amanda was such a ham in front of the camera! I LOVED it!! HAHA! Being the big sister its always difficult to see your baby brother dating….weird! ….and with all the crazies that we’ve met over the years we can now honestly say Amanda is the ONLY one that we would welcome with open arms into this family. It also takes a special person to get my mom’s sense of humor and to give it right back! Its so nice to see them so happy together!
To David and Amanda: I love you two! It was so much fun just getting to play! Being creative and not having any pressure shooting is so much fun for me…and if we get great images then yay but its more important for me to get rejuvenated as an artist! It was fun having you here for the weekend! Brooke was so sad to see you go and wanted “Uncle Davy and Amanda” to come back! See you guys in a few weeks!