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Monthly Archives: February 2010

We just got a call from our lab (who has done ALL our photography and marketing printing for several years) and got a nice surprise! They informed us that they selected one of our wedding marketing pieces to be be distributed as a sample for their featured photographer’s marketing. Our work will first be displayed at their booth at an upcoming national photography convention on the west coast and passed out to hundreds of trade show attendees. We put a lot of time and passion into our marketing and design. Its a huge compliment to hear that one of the country’s largest photography labs will be distributing thousands of these print samples with our work on it to many of our peers over the course of the year at numerous other photography industry events! Thanks to Betsy and Joe our featured bride and groom!




I’m lovin’ on this little baby Declan! It’s amazing that just a few short months ago we met him for the first time at his newborn session when he was only ten days old! Being newborn photographers we are fortunate to see so many sweet little angel faces each month. The most shocking part is how fast they change in just three short months! He was 100% different this time around…now he was even cuter…OMG…I wanted to take him home! The three month sessions in the “Baby’s First Year Packages” are one of my favorite sessions!! It’s the age where they begin to have little personalities and we get the most adorable giggles and smiles EVER! I don’t know one person that doesn’t melt when you see a toothless grin looking up at you.

To baby Declan: I don’t know if it was that innocent smile from ear to ear or those chubby cheeks, but oh you grew so much in a few short months and I can’t WAIT for our 6 month session!

We try to offer really fun events that are unique, different and most important FUN! The “Creamsicle” studio event the kids have had such a blast with! This adorable little girl is Katie! You’ve seen her a lot around here at Images Unveiled! We were lucky enough to be her parents wedding photographers and now their family photographers! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it every time she comes to visit…I want her!! She is the perfect kid that is so easy going, relaxed and playful!

To Katie and her parents: I love when clients become friends! It’s been such a joy meeting you two and now Katie! Katie…sometimes the best props come from the most random places and its too cute when you grabbed your mommies sun glasses to put them on! We can’t wait to see you again!