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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Recently, I was able to photograph a brother and sister and it was such memorable day. I caught myself thinking back and wishing that I had one with my two brothers when were all younger. It seems that we grow up so fast and once we become an adult and move away it becomes impossible to get that family photo together.

Marta had contacted us about getting her teenagers a sibling portrait and with one graduating soon now was a great time! These two,… you can tell they are so close. That may not always be the case in siblings younger years, but the older you get the more you realize how important that little snot nosed brother really is to you! The entire family of these two teens will treasure these images for a lifetime!

YAY! Two more adorable dogs visit the studio!! You’ve seen the doggies’ parents a lot on our blog and website. Amanda and Dave just had their “day-after-session” not to long ago and we had a blast! We were booked for their wedding, but luckily had the chance to get them back in their wedding attire and have a fun afternoon…check out our website for more info!

Their two fur-babies are so adorable! My daughter Brooke was also at the shoot with me and loved seeing them chase each other around the studio! For all you dog owners you know when your dog(s) are in a new place, they go extra wild! The pooches wanted to sniff and check out every corner in between their puppy fits. In the end we had to whip out a few top secret doggy tricks in order to get them to sit for a half second..we ended up with some adorable images!

To Dave and Amanda: It was so much fun seeing these two crazy and rambunctious pups! I was cracking up when you called and said that you just signed up your new dog Baxter for puppy obedience class the second you left! HAHA! I know that this is just one of many times that we will see you in the future!!

We were extremely fortunate to be able to photograph this family in Miami, Florida. It just so happened to fall on my birthday….hmmmmm…Florida on my birthday in November? Sweet!!! (Oh, and a baby-free trip I might add!) This was a double work weekend where we had a commercial shoot for the Kandell’s law firm and also got to explore some beautiful locations for the family portrait session for the next day. Scott and Lena are two amazing parents and you can tell by watching them interact with their three adorable kids! For weeks leading up to our planned trip they would jokingly warn me about their two year old and we were worried that he wouldn’t sit still long enough for us to even get the cameras turned on! Little did they know that our home holds one of the most wild two year olds on the planet and we always seem to get at least one great shot from her! Their youngest son was so cute and what kid that age wants to sit still? Of course, we got the shot after going deep into our secret bag of tricks! We were able to spend the rest of the day with them and immediately became great friends. Brooke (our daughter) would have fit right in with the rough housing and eating! HAHA!

To Lena and Scott: Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! We loved exploring new locations (especially a tropical one) and meeting such great new people! You welcomed us into your home and into your family. Our winter months are going to be filled with weddings and family portraits in your area so we will definitely be seeing you! PS…we just learned that Miami has one of Rochester’s signature staple foods! Abbotts Frozen Custard! It’s absolutely horrible for you, but it is positively amazing!