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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Brooke and Chris have been long time clients and friends. They are the kind of couple that you meet and are instantly drawn too! We met them a few years back and were extremely excited to be selected to photograph their 2008 wedding…which seems like ages ago! I’m so thrilled that I get to keep in touch with them and was able to document their one year anniversary shoot with their little furr-babies! I don’t think I’ve ever met dogs with SO much energy! Their dog Peedie Pablo (Peedie” for short) they had during the wedding and I was able to meet, but the newest addition is Giggs! This pup never stopped!…and from what Brooke and Chris say, he NEVER stops! I always say its good to have a pet or child with non-stop energy…its makes you more active if you like it or not! HAHA!

To Brooke and Chris: I hope you two get some rest with those wild doggies of yours! You two are wonderful pet parents!! It’s so nice working with animal lovers!!

Check out these two first pictures from their wedding!!

“Wish they all could be California girls…..” Ahhh…the Beach Boys….I LOVED them growing up!! No I  wasn’t alive when they came out, but I think I knew every song they ever made! Gregg and I are so blessed and fortunate that we are attracting the eye of out of town couples that want to hire us to document their wedding day. Kaycee and Kelly had an absolutely beautiful wedding in Newport Beach and had their reception on a ship. The ceremony and reception were very close together so this couple chose to have all the “formals” earlier in the day. When Kaycee told me that she wanted to go to the beach for pictures I was jumping up and down inside! Going from the fall foliage of upstate NY to the beach on the West Coast?!? Sweet!! We absolutely LOVED documenting the day for this couple!! They were so laid back, fun and kind spirited and they both have a passion for photography. One of my favorite images from the day was one we got from under the pier!
To Kaycee and Kelly: We knew the kind of couple you were when you planned a quick Vegas trip when you heard we were going to be there and it made for a great engagement session! I think you two might actually be as obsessed with Vegas as we are! ….which makes it the perfect fit for these pictures! HAHA! We foresaw that the wedding would be even more enjoyable and it was! Gregg and I wish you both the best!

Here are a few engagements!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas holiday

and lots of love and laughter for the New Year!!!!

Poor Brookie! I had to post these…I think we ALL of very similar photos in our baby books with santa! HAHA! After that traumatic experience we felt bad and let her ride the carousel for 45 min!