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Monthly Archives: September 2009

It was an instant connection the first time that we met with Emily and Tom!! They are fun, outgoing and completely crazy! In a good way …HAHA…they remind me a lot of the relationship that Gregg and I have together. Even with the long distance between us,  Emily and I had a growing Facebook and Twitter relationship! Yes we are Twits! Actually she is the one that got us started and said “hey…you need a IU business page” …so from that the Images Unveiled Fan page was born! Thank you Emily! …now I am completely addicted! Their wedding was everything we expected and more. They had a stunning ceremony and reception both at Ventosa Vineyard. The detail that went into the planning was impeccable…you could just see how much intricate thought went into every detail of this wedding. The reception was so wild! There was singing, crazy dancing, bubbles, cupcakes, and I think I even saw a little strip tease! Overall one of our favorite weddings!

To Emily and Tom: Gregg and I both talked about it and we came to the agreement that you should move back to Rochester! HAHA! Kidding, kidding…but we did have a lot of fun with you and everyone at the wedding. Thank you for making us feel like guests at your wedding! Please keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out pictures from their first dance in the next blog post! OH…and here is the Facebook Fan page! Emily & Tom

Deanna and Matt have the most beautiful hearts! This young couple are deep rooted in their faith and know that only with God will their relationship grow. They had a beautiful ceremony at their church in Brockport then off to Deerfield for the reception! I’m not as familiar with the area around the reception and they suggested this really cool location with a waterfall for the in-between pictures…I LOVED IT! Perfect lighting and really great for unique picture ops.

To Deanna and Matt: I wish you good luck in everything you do! You both were so sweet and caring and don’t ever take eachother for granted!

Another absolutely beautiful senior Ashley!

Name: Ashley
School: Arcadia High Schoool
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Band: Paramore
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Favorite TV Show: Law and Order SVU
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, and spending time with family
Lucky Number: 18
Favorite Website: Facebook
Future Profession: Pediatrician
Two Words: Outgoing and Independent



To Ashley: I’m so glad you studied up by watching Americas Next Top Model! HAHA! That show is great for posing…even though Tyra is a little wacky…ok a LOT wacky! You were really easy to work with and it was a real pleasure to have in front of the camera. Your mom was right on when she said you’ve never taken a bad picture!!