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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Amy and James engagement session was full of laughter and fun. I’m surprised we got any serious pictures! HAHA! These two have really fun personalities and their sense of humor had me cracking up for the full hour! Schoen Place in Pittsford was a great choice for a location…a ton of really great areas making for unique images.

To Amy and James: It was a lot of fun working with you two and James I have to admit I wasn’t to sure what was going to come from the “heart” idea, but it actually worked! I look forward to seeing you two again for your wedding in September!

Check out our facebook fan page to see more pictures! James&Amy

When I tell people that I’m going to my parents cottage on Grindstone Island they think…”Oh-la-la an Island?” ….ehhh…its not that type! Its better! It’s a place with no TV/cable, computers and barely phone service. Where life is simple…a place to escape the hustle and bustle of reality and reconnect as a family and play! Ahhhhhhhhh…yes it is that nice! We try and visit my parents as many times a year/summer as possible. This trip I wanted to step out from photography as my work and get back to why I fell in love with it in the first place. This is so important for me to do so I maintain the same passion and continue to grow as a photographer. Our daughter Brooke is year and a half this month and since she was born the day after Christmas (worst birthday ever…sorry honey!) this is a good time to get some beautiful outdoor pictures of her. I was able to document her first experiences on the island…very cool! It was really awesome to see my dad, her pop pop (her name for him not ours) interact with her. He made a comment after getting back from her first kayak ride that hit home for all of us when he said, “we were on the kayak and I looked down at her and saw that little foot dragging in the water as we paddled and that was just a wow moment. I got to see the VERY first time she will ever drag her foot in the water in her life…amazing! It makes you realize how precious time with your family is and to treasure each moment.”  I love you dad!

Along with fun talk time, camp fires, kayak trips, hikes and time in the hammock we also do a lot of eating and sleeping…haha! Something about Grindstone just makes you want to do both of those things! How many times in your everyday life do you get to nap? “nothing to do, so lets go nap”….SWEET! We get really excited for sleep as you can tell! Check out all the fun pictures I took of Brooke in her little adventures of being 1.5!

To my parents: Thank you so much for always dropping everything you are doing so show us a great time on the island! Brooke is very lucky to have you two! We love you more than we could ever say!

Running up the dock to Grandma!

We were looking for a field of long grass and didnt realize it would be 5 feet tall!! …but she didnt mind!

Flowers Brooke picked for me on a walk with daddy.

This kid is obsessed with water and the dock…wasnt happy when it got dark and had to go in!

I love her

Grandpa (pop pop) but up this HUGE 50 ft swing for her! So much fun!

Living in Virginia, Carol and Ted were yet another couple that I had not met until the day of their engagement pictures. I knew from the conversations with Carol what kind of couple they were…sweet, fun loving, great sense of humor and absolutely selfless which shows from their professions. Carol works at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children working on cold cases, and Ted is a Fire Fighter for the Arlington Fire Department! These two were so easy to work with…I didn’t have to do anything but shoot pictures! They would naturally just get close and play. You could see how in love they were…

A really cute story on how they met (which I completely stole from their wedding page…with permission of course)…haha!

One night, while moonlighting as a bouncer at Whitlows, Ted spied a cute hostess girl dancing behind the bar. They would become friends always looking forward to working together each weekend. Of course, leave it to Ted to never actually ask her out. Before he knew it Carol had left Whitlows, never to see her again.

About three months later, while going out to grab a beer at the Rock Bottom, the most amazing thing happened. As Ted was walking through the restaurant , he heard his name being called out. Looking around in his usual confused state, who should he see but the cute hostess girl from Whitlows?!

He knew right then and there that he had been given a second chance and to not let this wonderful girl pass him by! After asking for her number, they went on their very first date the following weekend.

Carol and Ted have been dating for an amazing two years!!!

Note for Carol & Ted: I’m really excited for your wedding and upset that you didn’t reserve the haunted, creepy, weirdo house (a location they went to look at for the wedding reception) for your perfect day!  HAHA…JK! …just about the house part and I really am excited for the wedding. J I wish you two lived closer! Also…thank you for battling the crazy wind at Webster Park for some awesome waves! Have a wonderful summer in VA and see you in September!

Check out more photos from this shoot by visiting our facebook page! Carol & Ted