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Monthly Archives: May 2009

I have to start off this blog with a big apology to my husband Gregg who for years tried to get me to visit NYC. Ive always told him “its not for me” as Ive always had a passion for the West Coast (particularly Vegas!). Yes I was a total skeptic and of course I LOVED it!  We’ve been to the area a few times, but never experienced the city.  Gregg, you don’t hear this enough but you were right! HAHA!  We had a blast and he was familiar with the area since he lived in the area years ago. We hit up many fun places and it was awesome having my own personal tour guide. We flew in very early Saturday morning (wedding was on Sunday) so we had the entire day to explore Manhattan and then off to the Bronx to catch a Yankees game that evening. We started the day in the financial district and saw the 911 site. Its amazing that even after all these years how many feelings it still evokes seeing it for the first time. It really makes you stop and reflect on life and how you are living it.  From there we had to check out Times Square and got some tips on how to properly hold and eat a slice of NYC pizza! Fold it and mmmmm!  Then off to the Yankees game….and it was an awesome game!!  Go Yanks!  Such a fun experience seeing the new stadium and we even got to bring in our big lens to the game so we got some sweet closeups! …even from the nose-bleeder seats!

Had to do the “tourist” Times Square shot! …and the experience wouldn’t be complete with a shot of the Naked Cowboy!  HAHA! Interesting!

Brooklyn Bridge

911 site

The Yankees experience wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Jeter! 

Love our Canon camera!  We were able to capture Andy Pettitte’s full pitch!

Not a Yankees player but it was really cool to see John Mayberry of the Phillie’s get his first hit ever which was a home run!

Another beautiful senior model Nikki from Greece Olympia!! Nikki, you were a lot of fun to work with and a complete natural in front of the camera!

Name: Nicole (Nikki)
School: Greece Olympia
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Band: Taylor Swift
Favorite Movie: Taken
Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Hobbies: Cheerleading
Lucky Number: 15
Favorite Website:
Future Profession: Teacher
Two Words: Life’s Good

Amie & Sean choose Highland Park for their engagement pictures particularly for one special tree.  This one tree holds a lot of meaning for the couple as they have spent many hours under it, talking and dreaming of their future together.  They even say that the tree is so thick that when it rains you wouldn’t get a drop on you! I’ll take your word for it! Its always fun to choose a location for engagements that means something to you two as a couple.  These pictures you will have for a lifetime and its fun to have those memories….of a first date, where you met or even a big ol’ tree that you love to sit under together during a rain storm!

I had a lot of fun working with you two!

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