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Monthly Archives: March 2009

This is something on a more serious note that I would usually post but it’s an amazing testimony that’s really powerful and came to me as such a wake up call on life and how we view it.  It makes you question why we ever complain.  Hope you can take from it and think about your perspective on life….

Yes, sometimes in life it’s the small things you get most excited for and this cute little tutu was one of them! I just had to get to the studio and try it out and who better than my daughter Brooke! HAHA! She tends to be my go to girl for most of the crazy ideas we come up with. Believe it or not she LOVED it!! I put it on with the headband and she was looking at herself in the mirror smiling, playing and walking around the studio laughing. It was absolutely adorable! BUT….as soon as I sat her down for the camera she hated it! Ahhhh…the joy of 1 year olds!

We’ve done a little work to the new look of IU! As I’m sure you’ve seen we now have a new website, new logo, new blog, and even a new studio! We feel that our new look reflects more of who we are as a business and of our style of work. Fun, fresh and contemporary! Please tell us what you think! We would love to hear it!